Cantilever plans its work studio-wide, week by week. Our methodology is derived from the classic agile SCRUM methodology (which all Core Team Members should understand), but translated to a more natural week-by-week rhythm for agencies without the notion of a specific “Sprint” period.

Core Principles

<aside> 👋 When we used to use two-week sprints we recorded this guide. We still use the same principles outlined in here but just in a week-by-week rhythm.


The Big Board Boss

The Big Board Boss is responsible for ensuring that the Big Board is complete and current, and that the whole team are sticking to our agreed upon processes. **The current Big Board Boss is @Ty Fujimura but @Clayton Fujimura is onboarding to take over the role formally.

Big Board Boss Duties

Big Board Boss Time Tracking

📈 The Big Board

The Big Board contains all the shared, common fields we use on our Asana Tasks, so by adding a task to the board, it will automatically have all the fields it needs to follow the Cantilever workflow.

PMs should add work to the Big Board as soon as it is being realistically planned for completion, even if it might not be worked on for a while or are blocked.

What is Included

Task Size

🏃🏾‍♀️Weekly Planning Workflow

Team Works on “This Week” Tasks